The Premsons brand is not limited to supplying quality products but also involved in providing excellent services in order to enhance customer satisfaction. We provide the following services:

Fabric Sourcing: For customers who have limited knowledge about fabric, our experienced team will help them source their fabric and recommend them different products that can be used to fulfill their requirement. For fabric sourcing its best that we receive a sample in order to understand the requirement properly. SEND US A SAMPLE (Add hyper Link directing to contact us)

For customers who need help with dyeing fabric, our company will provide this service given the quantity is satisfactory. Customers can choose from various colours and shades to suit their palette.

For customers who need any kind of thread or metallic embroidery, our professional embroiders can showcase you from a large set of designs to choose from and make special embroidery on request.

For customers who require fabric to be manufactured as per their needs, our team will take orders and supervise the manufacturing to supply you with the indiculaised product of the best quality.